The Draghi approach to foreign policy –

The Draghi approach to foreign policy

Feb 17, 2021
Roma, 17 feb. (askanews) – “In our international relationships, this government will be firmly Europeanist and Atlanticist, in line with Italy’s historical moorings: European Union, Atlantic Alliance, United Nations.”

According to an article published in, as he spoke before Parliament to gain its support, Italy’s new prime minister Mario Draghi, “keeping with his personal style, was dry, concise, and straight to the point”.

“The former European Central Bank chief presented his governing team last Friday, ironing out the creases that might have impeded the creation of his “national unity,” wide-based government, which is supported by almost every party in the Italian political ecosystem” – , Mr Draghi and his colleagues are now tasked with ferrying Italy out of the health and economic crises and drawing up a plan for the country’s reconstruction. He explained his international positioning is one of continuity with regards to Rome’s historical relations, renewing the country’s commitment to “effective” multilateralism in the “irreplaceable” form of the United Nations.

The newly anointed PM assured “strong attention and projection” towards priority areas, including the Balkans and the wider Mediterranean, with special devotion to Libya, the Eastern Med, and Africa. Rome’s political equilibrium is undoubtedly connected with the migration routes and the Mediterranean economies and resources.

He then singled out Italy’s ties with Germany and France as the two key relations to “restructure and reinforce” in light of the heavy trading volumes and integrated economies that exist. Moreover, he vowed to consolidate collaborations with Spain, Greece, Malta and Cyprus, all fellow Mediterranean countries who share migratory and environmental issues.

He also spoke in favour of renewing the migrant reception and redistribution system at the European level, reinforcing the countries’ “balance between responsibility and actual solidarity” while “fully respecting the refugees’ rights.”

Mr Draghi then hailed the new American administration, led by President Joe Biden, and its more cooperative approach. “I trust that our relations and our collaboration cannot but intensify,” he said during the speech.

Casting his gaze towards the thorniest dossiers, the PM promised that Italy will favour dialogue between the EU and Turkey, “a partner and NATO ally,” as well as with Russia. “We follow with worry what is happening in this and other countries where citizens’ rights are often violated