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FFF (Greta Thunberg) unveils a satirical tourism ad for Mars

Feb 17, 2021
Roma, 17 feb. (askanews) – Why are we spending billions to go to Mars when we can use these funds to rebuild the Earth? In anticipation of the February 18th arrival of NASA’s Perseverance Rover on Mars, Fridays For Future unveils “1%” – a satirical tourism ad for Mars, developed with FRED & FARID Los Angeles, to awaken the 99% of humans who will have to stay on Earth.

Let’s face it, living on Earth isn’t so cool right now. We’re breathing under masks; locked down with no real human interaction; and all the things that give taste to life (like traveling, partying with friends, seeing live music, hugging) seem to be postponed forever. This “new normal” makes us all wonder what kind of future we will offer to the new generation, trapped in the midst of war, violence, pandemics, and pollution, on a planet that’s being ravaged by climate change.

The desire to escape to a kind of Eden – to discover unexplored lands and rebuild a better world – is so strong right now. “What if we run away from Earth and head to Mars?” seems to be the fantasy, as people’s mission to colonize the Red Planet is gaining momentum, and billions upon billions of dollars are being spent. On February 18th, NASA’s Perseverance rover is touching down on Mars, joining the U.A.E.’s Hope orbiter and China’s Tianwen-1 orbiter and rover duo, which also just arrived. Rovers for now, but humans are next… Elon Musk is “highly confident” that SpaceX will land humans on Mars by 2026.

This sounds like good news. But it’s only good news for those who are billionaires, or world leaders. Everybody else is simply out of luck.

A film created by FRED & FARID Los Angeles for Fridays For Future, Greta Thunberg’s global climate change movement, illuminates the irony of the fact that government-funded space programs and the world’s ultra-wealthy 1% are laser-focused on Mars… and yet, 99% of humans will never get to Mars. 99% of humans will have to stay on Earth.

Aptly named “1%,” the film is a satirical tourism ad for Mars. It excites viewers about the prospect of escaping to the Red Planet where there is “no war, no criminality, no pandemics, and no pollution” – only later to reveal the startling aforementioned truth, and a call-to-action, with the line: “And for the 99% of humans who will stay on Earth, we’d better fix climate change.” Fridays for Future reminds us: no one is swooping in to save us… we must save ourselves. We’d better fix climate change, we’d better take action, now. We simply have no choice.